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Udate on Samuel Ochenehi, Nigeria

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I couldn’t wait to share with you my story of my really eventful day today.  I was given the opportunity to give my former hearing aid which I do not need any more thanks to Dr. Green and Jacksonville Hearing and Balance to a 13 year old boy today that has a mild to moderate hearing loss.  The kid used to do very well in school but because of his hearing loss his performance has fallen, his mom could not afford to buy him a hearing aid.  Now thanks to all of you at Jacksonville hearing and Balance showing me that it’s really good to be of help to other people who are not as privileged as some of us I have been able to help him and look forward to helping more kids here in Nigeria once I begin …

2 Nigerians are blessed with Cochlear Implants!

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Audiologist Jacqueline   Olson’s No. 1 rule — no crying in her office — got broken a lot Thursday   afternoon. That’s what happens when you change a life, the way she and her   colleagues were changing the life of 26-year-old Samuel Ochenehi.

Ochenehi was in his first year of medical school seven years ago   in his native Nigeria when, following hospitalization for typhoid fever, he   went deaf. He finished medical school but learned to his dismay that his   hearing loss was going to prevent him from being admitted to a residency   program.

Then he met Doug Green, a   Jacksonville neurotologist, who is founder and president of the Jacksonville   Hearing and Balance Institute. Green, who   also founded Hearing Help for Africa, regularly does medical missionary work   at Evangel Hospital in Jos, Nigeria, where Ochenehi lives.

Green considered both Ochenehi and 19-year-old Emmanuel Odido,   who lost …